From the Directors Chair Series : Making Lemonades!

Making Lemonades. This is usually my self response to the phrase “When life throw lemons at you” — my mantra when faced with challenges and the way I react towards it — the list of solutions I proffer to get my way out of it.

Ahead in the making of the recent flick, I can make boast that I saw it all. The one that caps it all are the series of setbacks I faced during the execution. Gosh! … it had all the ingredients to wreck any man.


Upon finishing the script, I started hunting for location. As a guy whose biggest currency was friends, I started off on that route — seeking peeps (particularly single male friends) who could allow us use their space for the shoot. However, one of the biggest impediment was our choice as the script demanded. All along, the story was built to work best for a walk-in closet — similar to what you see in the POWER series. We were even willing to make compromises and settle for a very good looking bedroom, at least. I heard it all — Can you call me back? Sure, I’ll get back to you … Can you remind me again tomorrow? sigh!
After listening to so many versions of “its not possible”, I conceded. It wasn’t happening.

Then, I recalled I had been investing some hours in checking out some shortlets sometime back. I decided to go online and get the best ones that suits the plot. Shouldn’t be hard — a bedroom, spacious enough for interesting camera angles buy most importantly, a fancy looking mirror. After some digging around, we found the most ideal one — not within budget but most affordable that works.

Let me try to keep this side of story short. This location was on the island — an area I sparsely visit. The manager wanted me to come during the week for inspection but my weekly commute route was on the opposite side of town. After 2 failed appointment (fault which was mine), I decided to honor the next appointment against all odds. The agitated agent blasted me and informed that the space had been booked for 2 weeks upfront. As expected, I should feel bothered and down-casted but what kept me fired up is the challenge to prove to him that I will get this done.

Did a lil more research and BOOM! …. I found the one we eventually used. It wasn’t much but it had 2 of the 3 basic requirements.

And guess what the best part was — it was less than half the price of the previous one; it was situated on the mainland (which was more favorable for most of the cast & crew); we had so much to ourselves.


A few of the trickle of reviews that has poured in spotted some deficiency in character interpretation. I honestly am not bothered. The two main cast had to unavoidably be absent due to some personal issues they needed to sort. As at 2pm of the day of shoot, I was everywhere and nowhere. About half of the crew were on their way to the location BUT I HAD NO CONFIRMED CAST! IT WAS GETTING TO BE A DISASTER BEFORE EVEN HAPPENING.

Laura (Female Lead) was barely informed and solicited about 1pm or so of that day while Yanju (Male Lead) hadn’t provided the expected level of consent to be around. I cared less for who was going to play SHINA as I was already prepared to strap on the towel and play that role.

Laura eventually turned up at about 3–4pm issh; Yanju dropped in at 7pm.

In all, it was most pleasing they understood the passion behind the project and extended their proposed stay of 3 hours till the 2am we eventually wrapped up.

My personal biggest lesson for that day was GET A PLAN B FOR YOUR PLAN B.


I did a lot of this!

Right from the beginning, my choice of apparel to reveal NONYE was a flamboyant trad — just like you would see on popular wedding blogs. I wanted something that would ooze opulence (and perhaps match the first location I missed). In my head, it was going to look glorious for when MAYOWA was helping her right in front of the big mirror. But after running out of so much options with anyone who could bring along a trad, I conceded. I had to settle for what my eventual female lead had.

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