Directing Noobs is really tough!

As a director for something that I felt shouldn’t be a headache, I was REALLY pushed to the limits.

Two weeks ago, I was on vacation to spend time with kids at the summer camp organized by Digital Peers Interntional . Upon sighting the night scenery at the location, I was inspired to shoot something and particularly push the limit of the #blackMagicPocket4K .

I shared a story idea with 2 fellow volunteers who had absolutely no acting experience. All that existed was a passion.

On the last Day of camp, We began shooting at 2am when all kids were back to their rooms and prepping to catch the early bus.

There was no script so we started off with sharing what the narration should be. It was as easy as 3 dialog lines. Simple, right? Wrong! It took us some 20mins to go over that dialog over and over again. What made it more agonizing was the high power consumption rate of the BlackMagic Pocket 4K. So you can imagine being the one-man crew of such short film setup — getting ready to push the record button — then realise they had forgotten their lines again — for the umpteenth time!

Are you ready? … Ready? … aaaannnnddd … CUT!!!!!!

Then I had to even play the part again for a large part of the whole clip. A DO-AS-I-DO play-by-play thing. Of course, they learnt a bit from the demonstration and the fatigue was beginning to set in.

It took some solid one hour plus to describe, recite, tolerate and Indulge the shortcomings of our amazing cast talent — but their level of interest to see it work and willingness to accept countless retakes were very encouraging.

The story obviously should have been longer (and more complete) than this but that was all time could permit to shoot.

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