Coincidence? Jazz? Future Story Teller? The re-occurrence is getting a tad too much!

The mantra of the stories we tell is usually the fact that they are BASED ON A TRUE STORY (like, exactly what the business stands for, innit?) As far as inspiration can take us to, we stay within the confines to tell relatable but unusual stories with great twist but interesting plots. But the twist to it is that, it actually does/would/must have happened within weeks after production.

Let’s give an instance of a typical scenario that comes to mind during the production of ACTUALLY, IT DOES HAPPEN.

During the story treatment stage, there were concerns about how possible certain instances were. For instance, the careless & ruthless way BIMBO went about exposing diagnosed veneral disease to bedmates. Surface level, it seemed cliche that such a thing would happen but coming to terms that it ACTUALLY happens was another thing. We went ahead unbothered and shot. Few days later, a viral scandal blew off the internet about something very familiar

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>- Lady leaked her Conversation with her enraged friend. <a href=”"></a></p>&mdash; Postsubman (@Postsubman) <a href=”">December 3, 2019</a></blockquote> <script async src=”" charset=”utf-8"></script>

Also during that same week was the viral story of a relatively popular Nigerian TV actress who took to social media and recorded herself live, using the Holy Book as an ashtray. I kid you not — same BIMBO in the same story had a part where she was smoking, drinking and reading from the Holy Book as well.

Scared yet? No?

Okay then … lets proceed

Then we went ahead to shoot THE UPRIGHT ONES. Based on the plot, it was a story about how a REVEREND & his Wife got so comfortable within their greed with a couple blessed financially & in international network.

Is this a norm in the society? Of Course, yes. It’s almost an unspoken truth due to the way our belief here is wrapped around. We were almost so careful with the way we don’t want to disrespect the institution, belief and most especially, the cast that were delivering on the performance — we didn’t even use an actual Bible.

But then, yet again … this viral story broke again 2 days before the public viewing launch of the short movie.

And it still continues …

We have prepared for a shoot tomorrow. It’s our first of a ONECASTSHORTS series. It’s all looking good … till this came around.

Oh dear!!! … Good luck with being the first going forward then

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